Get Your Trophy with a Unique Hunt in Alaska

Get Your Trophy with a Unique Hunt in Alaska

Get Your Trophy with a Unique Hunt in Alaska

Get Your Trophy with a Unique Hunt in Alaska

January 19, 2022 by

Get the thrill of a lifetime as you seek out the most popular big game trophy of Alaska – the Brown Bear. These bears are wild, cunning, and giant. This makes hunting brown bears an exhilarating experience. Enjoy a classic adventure in the jungles of Alaska and experience an Alaskan brown bear hunt by boat that you will never forget!


Our brown bear hunt is truly unique in the southern western region of the Alaska . Donovan Guide Service has rights to access the Nushagak River and Tik-chik lakes. A boat is used as a floating hunting lodge to reach the remote hunting area. From the boat, the beaches and hills are inspected while gently moving across the coastlines. Upon seeing a bear, hunters and guides take them to shore to make stalks. We also have common glass spots where we frequently spend day time during hunting. After the sunset, we head to the beach to camp.


Hunting of Yukon moose takes place in the state's mainland, outside Wood-Tikchik State Park in the beautiful interior of Alaska. This part of the Alaska Range is famous for the big moose. So, you don't have to worry about where to hunt moose in Alaska. Low numbers of hunters, united with hard-working outfitters, produce high success on quality trophies. In this region, caribou, moose, black bear, brown bear, wolf are available in the same season, and this multi-species combination makes it an excellent choice for hunting. We will watch through the open hillsides where brown bears are eating berries and at the lowermost region of the river.


Join Nushagak Guides for an excellent hunting experience in Alaska. We provide a top level of luxury and customer service. Master Guide Brian Donovan has been hunting in Alaska for many years and guiding big game hunts. And because of his vast experience in Alaskan hunting, he has special access to some of the best trophy hunting in Alaska. Donovan also believes in providing unique service and commitment to all of our tourists.

Hunting with Nushagak Guides will be like nothing you've experienced before, and we welcome the opportunity to host your trip. Our schedule speaks for itself, with our reputation and a long list of regular customers making Nushagak Guides one of the most popular hunting points available for people who understand adventure. We've worked to organize a hunting safari that everyone likes and is under budget.




If you are interested in more abundant Alaskan Brown Bears, please visit our website. We provide an opportunity for Alaskan brown bear hunts by boat and on foot in the southern Alaska state.


Our guided brown bear or moose hunt in Alaska can't be beaten. With a professional Alaskan guide, smart tactics for hunting, and quality food and camping accommodations, you are in for a great hunting experience. Book your all-inclusive hunting trip today!

Enjoy hunting Alaskan Brown Bears with Donovan Guide Service while hunting caribou, moose, and sheep out of our camp at Wood-Tikchik State Park in the Alaska.


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