Hunt The Alaskan Yukon Moose with Adventure in Alaska

Hunt The Alaskan Yukon Moose with Adventure in Alaska

Hunt The Alaskan Yukon Moose with Adventure in Alaska

Hunt The Alaskan Yukon Moose with Adventure in Alaska

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Our Alaska moose hunts are one of the most consistently successful hunts in all of Alaska. We find a massive moose with huge antlers on top of a big game trophy. Moose is one of our sought-after trophies. This giant beast can weigh 1000-1600 pounds. Antler spread of 55-65+". Our hunting sites are mostly forest, although there is the option of exiting above the tree line where glassing and calling are preferred. Forest areas largely populated with moose offers a chance of Alaska moose hunting for non-resident.  

Moose hunting through float includes a step of glassing from the boat or sitting on a meadow in the swampy area. Depending on the terrain of your particular site, it will depend on how our experienced guides help you get a big trophy bull.

Nushagak Guides has many years of experience hunting Alaska-Yukon moose for these monsters. This is one of the premier hunting in the state of Alaska. In some regions of the western Alaska , there are no dense forests or alder choke swamps but wide-open flat wet land. This open spaciousness makes easy glassing for miles and miles.

We at Nushagak Guides offer different hunting packages, including 11 days of self-guided moose hunt Alaska, a combo of moose and brown bear hunt with the best facilities provided at base camp.

Hunting Gears 

Moose hunters don't need any special gears. Good chest waders and raingear and a dry bag or two are all you need other than your personal gear for our float hunts. Passing through some marshy areas and climbing a hill need binoculars for the glassing purpose. Also, moose hunting is  physically demanding . So, the better physical fitness you have, the more enjoyable and often more successful the self-guided moose hunt in Alaska will be.

Remote Moose Camp

Guides will take you to one of the most remote wilderness and beautiful places in the state. When you open the tent fly, you will see thousands of mountains. Moose hunting in a rut provides a unique opportunity to see the massive animal of the area in front of you. Our professional guides have lots of experience behind them, both spotting and stalking and calling are skills our guides possess. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching an 1800-pound giant with huge horns beat every bush or tree. Hunting these monsters is truly an experience that no hunter will ever forget.

Nushagak Guides offer a real wilderness experience; The unspoiled vastness of Alaska with adventurous Alaskan Moose Hunting that cannot be expressed in words. Our float trips and remote camping will meet any other needs.

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